Maintenance break

Instead of going for a ride on Friday I decided to take my bike in for a bearing service and noise removal. The back end had developed an annoying noise that I just couldn’t locate; I had checked the bottom bracket, tightened the rear cassette, cleaned the chain etc and then looked at the bearings (still the original ones from 2006) and then I gave up and took it into Freeborn and am waiting its return.

So it is sort of quiet times at the moment although Saturday was a round trip to Nottingham for a University pick up (Bath return was last week) .  While travelling on the M1 I took the opportunity to  sample the delights of two of the earliest UK Motorway Service Areas – Watford Gap and Leicester Forest East – does anyone remember the The Kinks song Motorway?


On Sunday in desperation for excerise I ventured to the gym. While yesterday evening I took my wife/daughters 10 year old Kona out for a short (6.5mile) ride on the Downs; Ditching Beacon to the The Chattri (to pay my respects), then to Jack and Jill before heading back to the Beacon. It was a good reminder that similar but different bikes feel so different to ride even if the dimensions are similar – the Kona feels much more agile and aggressive  but far less comfortable and perhaps better suited for shorter twisty sections than my bike.


While unloading my bike I had a great discussion over the Garden fence from a seasoned athlete – I now realise I need to create an excersise plan and treat my fitness with a bit more seriousness that I have so far.

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