Conquering Blackcap (well almost)

Do you have those things that you are not sure you can do? Yes? I think most of us have some of them.  Well half way through a MTB ride on the Downs this afternoon I decided to nail one – the chalk path up to Blackcap (Nr. Lewes).  It is one of those paths which is so much fun descending that it seems a waste to ride up it.  And while there are only a couple of really steep sections, it is rutted and strewn with loose flints and has some cambered sides, such that I thought it would be impossible to ride.  Well I proved myself wrong – it was hard but not impossible – yes I put a foot down on a few occasions but I got there! The challenge now it is to ride it without faltering.

For the record I started at Ditchling Beacon which was in mist at 4 o’clock this afternoon. ImageI then headed into the back of Stanmer Park , down to near the A27,  back round to Streat Hill Farm, down Plumpton Bostal, up to Backcap and finally back to the Beacon.  12.3 miles, 500 m of climbing in 95 mins of cycling. Totalling 237 miles and 5400 m of ascent in the last month. And this has helped me keep my weight down to a stone less than I was 6 weeks ago.

Tomorrow may be gentle seafront ride to just keep my legs turning.

I have also posted a picture of my bike ride coffee substitute – Mule Bar’s Café Cortado – great for when I need a lift Image

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