Darkness On The Edge Of London – BRUCE brings sunshine to Wembley


Saturday afternoon saw us making our way to the “new” Wembley Stadium to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

To be honest I was a bit hesitant about going as the last time I saw him (at the Emirates) I was left a bit nonplussed, and prior to that it was at the Brighton Centre on May 27th, 1981 (arrgghh 32 years ago) on “The River” tour which was astounding.

Anyway it looks as though we struck lucky, along with 71,000 other people; Bruce and the band were stunningly good!

Intitially the sound quality up in the gods at Wembley was very poor, but after a few songs either we got used to it or it was tweaked.

Die-hards  probably have the set list and I can’t remember all the songs but after playing some requests we were treated to the whole of “Darkness on the Edge of Town” which was just great. And then on through more old faves – I think it was about 30 songs in 3 hours and 10 of non-stop energy and smiles.  Wow isn’t it great when the band are having a good time !!!!!!!!!

PS: What I also like was that the crowd were enjoying themselves smiling and dancing.  It felt a long cry from seeing Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood at the Royal Albert Hall two years ago when most of the crowd wanted to spend the whole concert staring into their phones taking photos and videos to show to their friends and ruining it for everyone else –  and there was the boring a*e  behind me who wanted me to sit down during the encore.  I was really dissapointed with the crowd and the RAH management that night.

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