Watch out for the angry tractor driver

If I hadn’t agree to meet at 9 I might have stayed in bed.  However the morning sun was shining and I met up with Partick on his MTB.  We headed straight for Ditchling and up the Beacon Road to the top – 1 climb acomplished.  We then turned towards Lewes on the SDW carefully avoiding runners on the South Downs Way 100 Miles Relay.


We followed the SDW for some miles before cutting back towards Falmer and taking a climb up to Streat Hill Farm.  As we heading back to the SDW we missed the bridle path and cycled up the field along two massive tyre tracks, This seemed to annoy the driver of a big wheeled tractor who was in the field, driving on the path towards us, there was not a hint of him slowing down at c 30mph while gesticulating where the path was – if we hadn’t got out the way quickly it felt as though he would have run us over – I was not impresed.  So be warned there are some interesting tractor drivers around.

Anyway back on the SDW again we turned towards Blackcap where we had a nice bumpy descent down to the B2116. There we headed west and climbed up Streat Hill Farm Bostal.  After the climb we were in need of a rest. Recovered we headed east,  down Plumpton Bostal and home on the road.

All told we covered not quite 28 miles and climbed 2500 feet in just over 3 hours.

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