Cycling by the seaside

My legs still felt a bit stiff after my recent rides so I chose a low intensity route today i.e. flat with my back to the wind. This meant cycling to my local station to get down to the coast. This used to be a daily activity but 13 weeks ago, to the day, I came off on a corner I had been round well over 1000 times in the last 12 years. The road was very slippery and I just lost grip, skidded and smashed the tarmac. Luckily I was wearing a helmet otherwise I probably woud not be here today – so the helment was a write-off – and my jacket, camelback etc have holes. Anyway today I was extra careful.

Got the train ok today and got off at Littlehampton with the aim of heading east. In the end I got as far as Newhaven, cycling just over 38.5 miles. Part of me wanted to go further but I got to the river bridge at Newhaven just as it was closing to swing open for some boats to pass.  While standing there the cold started biting and I lost my apetite and headed homeward.

It was a nice ride following the coastline, with the sea within 100 yards for most of the way.  I cut through the private estates around East Preston and in the end was glad to get out.  But I did find a nice beach cafe which did a great bacon roll. IMG_0054 IMG_0053

I also found some new paths on the cliff top between Saltdean and Newhaven which were nice even though it had started to rain by then.

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