Coming down

Well you will have read of my struggle with Jet Lag – it was something I wasn’t even remotely interested in until it hit me round the head several days after flying back into the UK from Cuba on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Anyway it was thanks to the info on the web that helped me identify I wasn’t quite going mad – ha ha you may think – so thank you to the wiki in particular.

We have been back 5 days now and it will soon be time to review the photo’s and reflect on the contrasts that are Cuba – poverty, begging, lovely music and beautiful decaying buildings in Havana compared to the all-inclusive (but work providing) cocoon of Varadero with the beach and sea and food – I don’t think anyone we spoke to was left untouched by the experience.


What was also “good” but unplanned for me, as we did little excercise apart from walking and a bit of swimming while we were also catered for, was that I lost weight – I am down by about half a stone! Alas it was not be design but an 80 hour stomach bug –  ha ha again – I am not sure going aborad really suits me. But next time I am out on the South Downs cycling I should be able to go faster and hell I might be able to run.

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