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My phones sleeping bag

Tonight I find myself at another Jack White gig – walking the tightrope of remaining youngish at heart and protecting my hearing. Alas JW concerts seem to blessed by stupidly high and unnecessary sound levels.

However I do have to commend the man for insisting on the auditorium being phone free 🙂 and it is time for my phone to be put in its sleeping bag.

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Amsterdam: is it going cashless?

Ok I know I am getting old, a bit like this windmill in the Amstelpark, and getting crotchety with it but I should be used to the pace of “progress”. Today the reality that the days of using cash (physical, real money) maybe coming to an end really hit me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised as I rarely use cash during a normal week, but so far there has always been the option to do so. Twice today I tried to pay for food in Amsterdam with cash and was told sorry but they only accept payment by bank card. To cap it off, at the AFAS Live, I could only get food and drink with tokens purchased with cash, which strikes me as kind of ironic. If this is progress I am not sure I like it. It is like our near total reliance on the internet for anything other than the basics.

I guess our electricity supply is guaranteed and nobody thinks we will have power cuts ever again, but I can remember the dark days of ’70’s and three day working week to limit power use.

Then however much I hope that nobody becomes destitute and on the street I am not sure it will happen in my or my children’s lifetime, so how long will it be be before the street beggars and musicians have to have their own swipe payment devices instead of a hat or old coffee cup?

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Another Mac attack

I guess computers only break down when you are using them and so it is always inconvenient.

Today, after a challenging discussions in hospital yesterday with my Mum and brother I was researching Assisted Living. I am sure for those who deal with these things day in, day out, it is all straightforward. But for me it isn’t, probably because at the moment there are too many unknowns that feel are critical, and then while there are only a few solutions The choices are immense. Anyway it was lunch time and some shopping was called for, so I switched off my Mac. That was today’s fatal mistake. Tried switching it on again and …. the grey start up screen froze.

Ok I have a back up disc, only 36 hours old and other recent files stored elsewhere – but does anyone really understand Apple speak apart some in Apple and Apple geeks? And actually you need to speak to the Senior Advisors for the deep technical stuff – it must be said they are very helpful and patient. But I must have lost 72 hours of doing more pleasurable things – which, when you are seeing the finishing line zooming up, and the sun is out….

Attempt one: using recovery and reinstalling High Sierra didn’t work. Next attempt using internet recovery had me trying install OX Lion, which is not available, Third attempt gave me a flashing ? Now on attempt four – only 5hrs 27, no 28, no 11 minutes to go ’til I know if the back up disc has worked.

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A question: which is more stressful?

Having suffered two Mac lockouts and trying to reinstall system and data only to find the instructions hard to follow and logic behind Apple systems somewhat illogical compared to Windows I am wondering what is more stressful. An aged parent undergoing tests in a hospital or trying to sort out my Mac and find and open things that are there but…

My vote is that Mac’s are more stressful than aged Parents.

Am I alone in this and wonder if they will go the way of the dinosaurs.

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I was wrong

I guess it comes to many people now that you find yourself dialling 999 for an aged parent who is in distress at the other end of the phone. It is a bit like a radio play when you are on the phone hearing a door being knocked down by the fire-brigade 200miles away.

I wonder what tomorrow brings?

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Hopefully bad things only come in three’s

Ok things aren’t really that bad – compared to many I am blessed. Things rarely go wrong so I guess I have just got used to things working…..

It it that I am sitting starting at my Computer this afternoon, trying to restore data from a back up that is alas is a month old.

Yesterday I tried backing up from a hard drive that I mistakenly thought was regularly backing up, only to find that it wasn’t – so I had to wipe the computer again.

Now today things seem worse – yesterday evening was beautiful – see photo. However just walking back to my van my head came into contact with a rounders bat, an accident, nothing more, but the resulting ache reminds me so much of my head butting the road five years ago – really must stop trying this form of stupidity.

Morals of the story? wear my bike helmet at all times? Beware of school teachers with rounders bats? Always back up you computer?

Hopefully I will return to normal writing soon.

Ps. no.1 was a post dieselgate engine malfunction that wiped out a Sunday a coupe of weeks ago.

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Wiping my Computer clean

Currently I am spending a glorious morning sitting and Apple shop. Alas my computer froze for the second time in two months and has failed to start up.

Found out my Mac is now Vintage 🙂

Oh the pace of technology change.

But the guy at the Genius Bar has been great but my computer has been wiped clean and the operating system is being reinstalled.

Fingers crossed that my back-up is real.

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RSD 2018 madness

What a way to spend a Sunday morning. Should really be bike riding but have tired legs from yesterday’s ride. Yes, yes, yesterday was RSD but this shop in Kingston has a queue today!

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Expecting Rain


Live, sometimes he is excellent, other times not. Just checked my list and this is the 13th time since 1978 I have caught him live and some I am struggling to remember for the right reasons, like Feb 1990 at Hammersmith, or 1995 at Brighton and I expect the memories of this to remain too.

Last time round (2015) there was a smile in his step but I wasn’t blown away by the repertoire.


Tonight at the London Palladium he and the band were on sparkling form, reinvigorated. I was expecting rain and got brilliant sunshine.

Mix of Dylan through the years, some remodeled, and some from the old american songbook.  Desolation Row was delightful. Highway 61, Tangled Up In Blue…. pure bliss.

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