Do you really mean what you have written?

I think you can guess where this was posted!

I think you can guess where this was posted!

I think we can all guess what they meant – but they messed up – and it is easy to mess up and misinterpret and take offence at communications – written – spoken –  gestures – there is  far too much of it happening  –  I am getting old but don’t you just find it sad that we can’t live in peace without wanting to **** others because of differences.



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Item 47-74


I saw and liked this photo on the blog of a great couple from Aus we met while in Vietnam the week before last. I do hope they don’t mind me sharing it with you – I really like it and it kind of sums up the last week and a half :)


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Hello 2015 – New Year’s Resolutions and Travel Notes

I am sitting at my table and wondering what time it is – we landed at Heathrow about 8 hours ago after 10 days travelling and I  feel weary and out of sorts – so what better way of spending a few minutes than jotting down some random notes.

New Year Resolutions 

  1.  Improve my written word (grammar, spelling….).  This is actually going to be quite hard.  I read a hurried comment I made  New Years Day on a web site. I made it while getting ready for the off to visit daughter 2 in Singapore.  Arrggh I was so embarrassed – in it I mentioned I had dislexic (dyslexic) fingers – it is more than that.
  2. Regain fitness and “youth” – ok I know it is a bit late for that but….. We needed a 60×40 mug shot for the Visa to enter Vietnam – looking at the photo’s on screen before printing was awful – lines, wrinkles – I am sure my rate of aging has started galloping.

Travel Notes  Pictures

Morning 1 - Singapore

Morning 1 – Singapore

A street market - Saturday night in Hanoi

A street market – Saturday night in Hanoi

Motor bikes everywhere: I person, 2 person, Mum & Dad and Baby, Boxes, Bruskes, Vegetables - unbelievable

The workhorse – I person, 2 person, Mum & Dad and Baby, 2 people and a goat, boxes, brushes, vegetables – unbelievable

Early morning Hanoi

Early morning Hanoi

My daughter 2 with a friend

My daughter  with a friend







Hanoi Railways Staion - heading for the20:10 to Hue and Danang

Hanoi Railways Station – heading for the 20:10 sleeper train to  Hue and Danang

View from the train (2)

View from the train (2)

View from the train (1)

View from the train (1)

Hue Railway Station

Hue Railway Station

View from the train (3)

View from the train (3)

Ry Cooder and David Lindley's 1990 Tour of Europe finishes in Vietnam January 2015 (ok I dumped the worn out T-shirt in the bin)

Ry Cooder and David Lindley’s 1990 Tour of Europe finishes in Vietnam, January 2015 (ok ok I dumped the worn out T-shirt in the bin during the trip)








The Tombs of Hue - Quite dissapointed to find these were anly about 80 years old and taxes were raised to build the tomb



Lost in Halong Bay


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Bob Dylan – 1964 – 50th Anniversary Collection 9lp Vinyl Box Set – Updated

Update – 21 December 2014; be warned many of the recordings are quite poor quality – they sound like audience tapes, and in my view only 4 out of the 9 lp’s stand up to more than cursory listening – the London Concert, the out-takes and theTV/Radio recordings…………..

Was there going to be another 50th Anniversary limited edition release this year? Was there enough in the vault to justify it???? And so hot on the heels of the Basement tapes.

The answer is yes.

A 9lp Vinyl Set.

16 sides of live recordings (including concerts in London, Philadelphia , San Francisco and San Jose)

And 2 of studio out-takes from June 4, 1964 (well that is what the sleeve says Mr Heylin)

So get down to you local record store quick if you want to grab a copy as it was out today.

P.S. you might need to ask as it might not be on view.



IMG_1895 IMG_1901 IMG_1900 IMG_1902

IMG_1899 IMG_1898 IMG_1897 IMG_1896


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Travels with Henry …or brrrrrrrr

The frosts have arrived!

The frosts have arrived!

Well Steinbeck travelled with Charley (a poodle) so I thought I would travel with my pet Henry today.

Really the route I took today combined a number of fairly familiar paths to give  some gentle climbing off-road exercise, and keep Henry happy but not overstressed.  While staying in a compact geographical area.  Having said that, when my HRM hit 220 I thought **** , but it was just interference with my phone – as soon as it  was banished to my back-pack my heart rate retuned to normal.

I started in Pycombe and took the path towards Woolstonbury. This was a bit of a mistake as I soon got caught up in Saturday Pony Club horse traffic. So instead of going upto the top of Woolstonbury I turned right towards the South Downs Way. I took this to just past Ditchling Beacon before turning right again, heading for the top of Stanmer Park.  A few paths around Stanmer then back out, up and west  to Pycombe.  [See later piccy  for Route]. It was up, down, up, down, up, down,up, down, up, down, up, down, up and down i.e. not much flat easy peasy stuff today.  Just over 15.5 muddy miles and c 2200 ft of climbing (according to my bike computer – MMR has it several ’00  less – and looking at the profile it misses out a couple of the descents and climbs).

Most of the leaves are now down.

Most of the leaves are now down – but those that remain  glisten in the sun.

It was nice in the sun (but cool in the shadows)

It was nice in the sun – but cool in the shadows

This is now about the 6th ride  on  27.5″ wheels and I am more and more impressed – especially with the traction afforded by the larger diameter wheels and the  Minion DHF 3C EXO TR tyres (what a mouthful) I plumped for – It is like point and go, and a bit more.  They install more confidence and in the end I was taking lines that I wouldn’t have considered before.  And Henry behaved.

IMG_1866_2 IMG_1865


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The Vinyl revival – Upcoming treaures for 2014 – Another Update

Check out the new videos on Mr Fremer’s analog

After months of wondering what happened…..they have been announced.

Beach Boys 1 Beach Boys 2

Yes, some of the Analogue Productions Beach Boys albums on 200gm vinyl have got release dates!

The first batch, comprising  the first 5 Beach Boy albums, in mono, are due out before Christmas and then 4 of them are out in Stereo in January (Surfin’ Safari was only released in mono).

Fingers crossed that they will sound excellent – and maybe, just maybe, they will fill in a  few of the gaps later.

What suprised me is that my previous post got more visits than any other of my posts by a long, long margin. there must be plently of demand for these records out across the planet.  Hats off to Brian and the “boys”.

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A trip to the Basement


Not sure if this works but if it does it could save you a 4 hour return drive from the big apple to the Big Pink!

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